Craft Beer Investors

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Don’t just DRINK craft beer — OWN craft beer instead!

slide21Have you ever tasted an amazing craft beer and thought to yourself “how cool would it be to own a craft beer brewery”? Sure you have – we all have. Now you can! And you won’t believe how easy it is.

As craft beer drinkers who understand the capital markets and how to raise money using Regulation A+ offerings, we have created an offering where you can literally invest money to help craft beer breweries startup and grow. In exchange, you get real ownership of a craft beer brewery in the form of real stock! Craft Beer has now become big business!

Previously, most great investment deals were provided to industry insiders or those who were accredited investors only. Now Reg. A+ has leveled the playing field where just about anyone can participate – with investment minimums as little as $50-100 in many cases. (Learn more about Reg.A+ here)

You don’t need to know anything about the brewing process or the industry. All that’s required is a passion for drinking craft beer. When you own part of a brewery, your craft beer tastes a little better… life’s a little more fun… And you have a cool story to tell your friends while you’re sipping that delicious IPA.

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