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Did you know you probably have an amazing funding source right at your fingertips?!

slide31Who are these angel investors you ask?… well, they’re probably your own customers! Yes – Every single craft beer drinker (and/or your current customer base) can be the start of great things if you’re looking to raise money to grow or start your craft beer business!

With our experience in Regulation A+ offerings, we can show you a way where you can raise up to $20 million dollars EVERY YEAR by allowing your current customers (your evangelists) to participate in a capital raise to take your brewery to an entirely different level, all without losing ownership and with you calling all the shots! That’s right – Reg. A means just about anyone can be your investor – you just have to tap into the right demographics.

That’s exactly what we do for you at Craft Beer Investors. Through our Craft Beer Mob membership, we specialize in cultivating craft beer investors that may be interested in investing in your venture. You never give up control, you never have to change anything you’re doing, and you never have to worry about “takeovers” or anything else. Plus, we can show you a roadmap to take your company to the OTC markets and beyond if desired, although there’s no requirement to do so at any point. (learn more about Regulation A+ here)

It’s a whole new world when it comes to raising money. We’ve cracked the code and want to show you how we’ve done it, so if you’re a craft beer brewer looking to expand or start up your brewery for real, please fill out the form and we’ll be in touch with more details on how it can all work for you as everyone’s situation is different and requires a customized approach:


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